We are the DTM GROUP

Customs services

Our Team of Licensed Brokers Takes Care of: 
♦ Completing customs declarations regarding the import, export and transit of goods
♦ Issuing commodity codes and corresponding duty rates
♦ Filing appeals, requesting customs permits
♦ Storing goods under transit
♦ FTZ and bonded warehouse processing
♦ Compliance consulting
♦ And more local paper handling 

Together with Our Clients
we analyze and optimize new or existing supply chain strategies.
Whether it's a simple flow of goods or a complex supply chain. 
♦ Origin management
♦ International freight forwarding
♦ Customs Clearance & Trade Compliance
♦ Information technology and system solutions
♦ Customer-specific warehouse & distribution solutions
♦ Supplier and inventory management
♦ E-fulfillment.